Working and Doing Business in Mexico Seminar

Main Goals

At the end of the seminar, the participants will:

  • gain a general knowledge about the history, geography and society of Mexico
  • understand the impact of culture on every aspect of people’s lives, everywhere around the world, and specially in the business environment
  • learn different cultural dimensions or areas in which cultures may differ, and ways to use these dimensions as tools for better intercultural understanding
  • learn about the Mexican business environment, the labor force ideology and its origins
  • identify the main differences and potential problems that foreign executives might face when interacting with Mexicans in the working environment
  • develop effective negotiation and communication techniques for their interaction with the Mexican businessman, manager and worker
Offered to Foreign executives
  • Highly interactive theory sessions
  • Individual activities
  • Team activities
Duration: 8 hours
  • Mexico's geography, history, politics and economy outlook
  • Group activity: Introduction to culture
  • Man and culture
  • Cultural dimensions: tools for intercultural understanding
  • Group activity: Plotting our cultures
  • Mexican work related values
  • The Mexican worker's characteristics
  • The Mexican manager's characteristics
  • Individual activity: Case study
  • Main problems that foreign executives face when working in Mexico
  • Effective communication skills and techniques (verbal/ non-verbal)
  • Mexican business etiquette and protocol
  • Developing intercultural sensitivity and skills
  • Golden Rules for a successful adaptation
Group Size: Up to 20 people


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